Top Articles 2022

A new year is starting and a lot of things have happened at 10Pines during 2022! We want to share with you some of the most read articles from last year.

Top Articles 2022

1) A quick guide to Spring Tests optimization:

In this article Diego helps us to automate the test for a Kotlin + Spring Boot + Gradle project. Now your tests will run faster than ever!

2) The 7 wastes of Contemporary Agile Software Development Teams:

During Ágiles 2021 Fede shared his perspective on a certain question: “What the greatest sources of waste in modern agile development teams?”. This post is a brief summary of it.

3) First steps on container orchestration using Docker Swarm:

Nowadays Docker is an essential tool. As the infrastructure grows, the process becomes more complicated if we don't have specific tools. The solution: swarm. Martin’s article will help us to understand this.  

4) Responsive design with CSS grid and kittens:

If you ever heard about CSS grid and how it can help you make responsive designs but you haven't tried it yet or you don’t know where to start, join Jess in the construction of a responsive design with grids and kittens!

5) How to replace Lombok @Generated with a custom annotation for JaCoCo code coverage reports?:

Maybe it is Monday and you are pairing to catch up while drinking your morning coffee. When you randomly open the project dependencies file and start wondering why Lombok is there. In this post Guille tells us how to get rid of Lombok!